Meal Plan 1/14/2018

I’ve decided to start sharing my meal plan for each week so that others can use the recipes if they are looking for inspiration on what to cook up each week. I am in no way a magnificent cook and all of these recipes were found online (I have included the recipe source for each to give credit where it is due). I always advise not to copy others diets blindly without researching the pros and cons of eating their way, but sometimes having an example can help create a bank of ideas to build off of. Please remember that if you are not a 125 lbs female you will need to alter this meal plan to fit your caloric needs. And of course, since I am vegetarian and you may not be, you can always add meat.

Breakfast: Vegan Breakfast Cookies

These are really tasty and easy to eat quickly in the morning. The ingredients can be a tad expensive, but if you buy them once you will be able to make multiple batches before they run out.

vegan breakfast cookies


Lunch: Vegan Lasagna

This was one of those recipes I expected to taste just kinda “eh”, but it actually ended up tasting quite good! I used oven ready lasagna noodles which worked out pretty good (you just can’t put a layer of these on top, they have to be covered in sauce to cook). I’m sure you can put what ever vegetables you would like in it if the ones included are not your favorite.

vegan lasagna


Dinner: Tofu BLT

Weirdly enough the marinade combination of maple syrup, soy sauce, and chipotle comes out pretty bacon-like. I’ve made this one several times and keep coming back.

Tofu BLT


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